Computing is something too serious to be left to machines.

Humans must be able to understand 100% of what's going on in the machine. Otherwise, there can be no serious talk of cybersecurity or sovereignty.

No technology allows it today... except MINIMACY!

MINIMACY is a new minimalism:
all you need to understand 100% of your system operations fits in your single brain


Secure your IOTs and server infrastructures.

Don't trust opaque systems or black boxes. They already contain vulnerabilities you have no idea about.

Don't build your security on sand

MINIMACY removes black boxes, and enables a true "shift left" design process


Keep your software development under control

You perform better when your system is simple and crystal clear:

  • You don't waste time guessing how it works, nor risk regression when your dependencies evolve
  • You are not blocked from creating or upgrading your system
  • You get exactly what you need, nothing more.

MINIMACY clears the room, and smart software development may begin.


How to bring this 100% control back within reach of the human brain?

There are 4 mandatory requirements:

Only MINIMACY meets these requirements


A portable stand-alone technology that can work with or without an operating system

Develop once, deploy anywhere including bare metal.
MINIMACY VM source code is less than 900kB (C language).


A high-level, and powerful language

//------------ list concatenation
fun listConcat p q =
    if p==nil then q else (head p):listConcat (tail p) q;;
//------------ apply a function on a list
fun listMap p f =
    if p<>nil then (call f head p):listMap (tail p) f;;
//------------ return the length of a list
fun listLength p =
    if p==nil then 0 else 1+listLength (tail p);; 
> compiling...
> type inference:
> fun listConcat: fun list a1 list a1 -> list a1
> fun listMap   : fun list a1 fun a1 -> a2 -> list a2
> fun listLength: fun list a1 -> Int
> compiled in 0 ms

Inspired by Lambda-calculus:


Perfect readability of calculations down to low-level

The combination of a high-level language, an instant compiler, and a virtual processor.

MINIMACY makes it easy to follow the calculation from the high-level to the low-level (aka what the cpu actually computes).


Human documentation

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Time to apply "Less is more"
to software

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