Let's make of computing a human thing


A vision and an open-source technology

Today's systems are over-complicated

  • Too many blackboxes
  • Too many dependencies
  • Too many technologies
  • Too many layers
  • Too many formats
  • Too many protocols
  • Too many source codes

Documentation is either missing, scattered, contradictory, redundant or outdated.

No single human can handle it anymore


This complexity puts you at risk

There is no serious talk on security when you don't know what happens in your system.

Your attack surface is huge.

Your IIOTs are unsafe.

Any update of your system may lead to severe regressions.

Development time is unpredictable when the framework or operating system behaves in an unknown way.

Developers quit their jobs because of the project code complexity and opacity.

A lesson from ransomwares

The good news:

another vision is possible

  • a single engineer should understand 100% of the system's operation
  • we see the computer as the ultimate construction set based on elementary mathematical operations
  • the programmer builds his own calculation by combining these elementary operations
  • the source code keeps small and linear
  • third party source code is only integrated when its operation is fully understood
  • the programmer has easy access to the details of what the machine is calculating

To realize this vision,
a new, minimalist technology is needed

The combination of a high-level language and a virtual processor


A high-level, concise and powerful language

//------------ list concatenation
fun conc p q =
    if p==nil then q else (hd p):conc (tl p) q;;
//------------ apply a function on a list
fun map p f =
    if p<>nil then (call f hd p):map (tl p) f;;
//------------ return the length of a list
fun listLength p =
    if p==nil then 0 else 1+listLength (tl p);; 
> compiling...
> type inference:
> fun conc      : fun list a1 list a1 -> list a1
> fun map       : fun list a1 fun a1 -> a2 -> list a2
> fun listLength: fun list a1 -> Int
> compiled in 0 ms

A portable technology that can work with or without an operating system

And the most important,

human documentation

Discover the it-book, a new way to interact with the community.

The it-book keeps the documentation accurate, useful and consistent.

React, ask questions, get answers.

Navigate through the Time Machine.

Discover the actual calculations behind the popular standards.

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Minimacy is a new minimalism:

all you need fits in your single brain

Human: 1, Machine: 0


Time to apply "Less is more"
to software

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