Why Download Tutorial Reference

A high-level, open-source, minimalist language

that can run without an operating system

Today's systems are complicated and opaque

and therefore weak and unsecure

Minimacy pulverizes the complexity and opacity of embedded applications
  • remove blackboxes
  • reduce the attack surface
  • secure your high-performance IOTs

Learn from ransomwares

How to simplify?

  • reduce the amount of knowledge required
  • use a programming language which is concise, readable and safe
  • run it over a light and crystal clear Virtual Machine

Get respect

Don't be the technical slave of the machine

you decide, it executes

a single human brain can master all of it

information and support all in one place

Let's make of computing a human thing!

Human: 1, Machine: 0

The high-level, open-source, minimalist language

//------------ list concatenation
fun conc p q =
    if p==nil then q else (hd p):conc (tl p) q;;
//------------ apply a function on a list
fun map p f =
    if p<>nil then (call f hd p):map (tl p) f;;
//------------ return the length of a list
fun listLength p =
    if p==nil then 0 else 1+listLength (tl p);; 
> compiling...
> type inference:
> fun conc      : fun list a1 list a1 -> list a1
> fun map       : fun list a1 fun a1 -> a2 -> list a2
> fun listLength: fun list a1 -> Int
> compiled in 0 ms

Time to apply "Less is more" to software

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